Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

REGULARITY RECORD (Absence, Leave, Delay)

School begins with the Morning Assembly and students must be on time for it and be present in the Assembly Ground. It is advisable that students reach school at least five minutes before the scheduled time for the Assembly. Students go to school in silence from the Assembly, according to their classes. The purpose of regular attendance is to inculcate in the students traits of punctuality, regularity and academic discipline. To be eligible for promotion, a student must have a minimum of 80% attendance. Absence from the school without leave is not tolerated except when the cause is sudden illness or unforeseen circumstances in which case the information must be given at the earliest. After an absence from the school the reasons for the absence must be entered briefly in the Regularity Record under "Absent" in the school student diary. Reasons of a private nature may always be submitted in a letter. Parents / Guardians should give a prior intimation to the school on the 3rd day of their ward's absence if he is likely to be absent for a longer duration. If an unauthorized absence from school exceeds 30 calendar days, the student’s name may be struck off the rolls, and he may not be readmitted to school. An Absence due to illness for two or more days, besides being entered in the Regularity Record under "Absent" must be accompanied by a doctor’s prescription. Leave for religious ceremonies, wedding of close relative or special occasions must be obtained beforehand.

Leave of absence for reasons such as birthdays, excursions, festivals, weddings, time to study for an examination, is not considered sufficient. A leave granted must be recorded in the Regularity Record under "Leave" in the calendar. This must be signed by Principal/Vice-Principal. Early Departure: It is availed when there is an emergency at home or when a student gets sick in the school. In case a child falls sick/meets with an accident in the school premises he can be helped with immediate first aid only. The parents will be informed and are expected to come and attend immediately. It is important to give the correct contact numbers in the diary and update it whenever there is a change. Late arrival to school is a breach of discipline. A student who comes late to school must enter the date and time of arrival into the Regularity Record under "Late". Five late arrivals will result in Parents being called to the office of the Vice Principal/Principal, after which that student is liable to a fine of Rs. 50 for every late arrival. The school declines all responsibility if through failure to produce a letter giving reasons for his absence or delay, a boy/girl is obliged to return home during school hours. Readmission to class, for absentees and late-comers, is granted when they show the teacher in charge the Regularity Record duly countersigned by the Principal / Vice Principal. It is mandatory for a student to attend the school on days marked "compulsory attendance". In case of sickness/eventualities the matter must be notified to the Principal/Vice Principal with relevant documents on the same day or earlier.


The school forbids all private tuitions. A pupil should be able to progress in his work as a result of good teaching in school. Teachers are not allowed to undertake private tuitions for the students of our school since they will interfere with the proper execution of their school duties, including the preparation of lessons at home and the correction of exercises. Private tuitions are not to be undertaken by the school teachers