Know your Founder

“March towards a better tomorrow with empathy, kindness and courage”

Mr. A.V. Joseph was born in a small village in Kerala. After his mother passed away, he was raised in a joint family by his grandmother from his infanthood. At the age of 13, he left his home state of Kerala and came to Bihar where he completed his schooling and higher education.

Over the next 15 years, he pursued his goal of teaching and served as faculty and Vice – Principal of renowned institutions like Loyola High School, Patna and Don Bosco Academy, Patna. With his extensive knowledge over 15 years of experience in the field of education as teacher, Vice- Principal and President, Mr. Joseph entered the field of education and started this school, St. John’s Academy with one vision “Towards a better tomorrow”. On 6th July 1989, he laid the foundation of this institution with his wife Mrs. Maria Jose and two young children (Presently- Dr. Sony Jose and Dr. Rony Jose).

Over the next years, he and his wife worked tirelessly to ensure that the first batch of children who were admitted to St. John’s Academy received high quality education and they were able to form achievable goals. Mr. Joseph and his wife personally ensured that the teachers were trained to provide high quality education by incorporating new methodologies and knowledge was imparted to young children. Mr. Joseph ensured that the parents were involved in the education process by engaging both mother and father in the education of each child.

As years passed, not only did the volume of children grow, but also the belief in parents that with proper education and active engagement in children’s growth. During this time Mr. Joseph started to become a role model for the children, and a great counsellor for parents, helping them enrich their precious relationship with their children. With time, many more children joined and graduated from this institution as fine educated citizens who would go on to become future doctors, IAS Officers, Lawyers, Scientists, Engineers, Sportspersons, Industrialists and most importantly teachers in the institution that educated them. Today with pride we say that we have an alumni of thousands of students who have made our school, our state Bihar and our great nation India proud.

Each year over 100s of students are graduated with not just one of the best results in the entire district of Vaishali, thus also become model citizens with a winsome character, courageous attitude and empathy. We owe this to our great founder, Mr. A. V Joseph.

On 11 th December, 2022, Mr. Joseph went to his eternal rest leaving behind his family and the entire family of St. John’s Academy. We are immensely grateful and filled with pride for his service and devotion in providing Vaishali District, our state Bihar, and our nation India with many talented young minds who are capable of marching towards a better tomorrow.

You will be in our hearts forever.

Students and Staff of St. John’s Academy.