It is said that a 100-year national plan should focus on education. Bihar’s future depends on the development of our human resources. St. John’s Academy Hajipur, has produced many excellent scholars, educators, and intellectuals. We will continue to nurture personnel with trans-cultural communicability who can play a leading role in a variety of fields and contribute to human prosperity. We will not spare any effort in creating environments to this end.

In order for St. John’s Academy to continue to shine forth in the 21st century, it is important we have our feet on the ground and measure achievements in forth coming years -- that is the essence of our school’s contribution to society.

I often speak to students about the importance of reaching the mountain top. I think everyone has something akin to a mountain blocking their way -- something blocking your path to what you hope to achieve or clarify. Thus, even when the mountain top you have reached is low, once you have reached the top, you can see a view that you have never seen before. You can also see the mountain that you will have to conquer next. In other words, this is what it is to live each moment with all your might. Life is an accumulation of moments. We strive to be a part of your life in building moments through education at our school. From my own experience I think it's crucial we live each and every moment to our fullest.

Being exposed to the best education in the region, being in such a favorable environment may inspire you a lot. Moreover, encounters with our most talented faculty and aspiring peers await you at St.John’s Academy. I really hope you will do your utmost to achieve your dreams. Furthermore, I hope one day you will perceive the true essence of things, becoming one who sees beneath the surface and flies high from St.John’s Academy.

Mr. A. V. Joseph